The future ramp in public transport

• Closed, only a 25mm border visible
• Customisable by customer-specific stickers (in compliance
with the legislation)
• Easy-care; Provided with water drains on the entry side
• Easy to install, cutout in the vehicle floor is rectangular
• Load capacity of 500kg (SV 1.4)
• Standard version (900×800) Total weight of only 11kg, through
the use of lightweight materials (value without flooring)
• Lifting weight of only 4.4kg (value without flooring)
• User-friendly lifting with FBT lifter
• Electrically insulating
• Completely corrosion resistant
• Max. opening angle of 220° possible (Hdi = 579mm)

The ramp Ecoboard meets the following standards:

• DIN 55130 R13 (Slip Resistance)
• ECE R107 (Bus)

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